I know commands like lshw and dmidecode, but all they do is list the detected hardware attributes, right? I can get all the information I want about the hardware in my computer.

But I would also like to check if that device which has been detected is working properly or not.

flathubhw-probe from flatpak does the work, but it dumps the info into its online database/repo.  This is an example of it.

Is there any way I can save this offline or redirect its output to somewhere else I like?

Is there any tool which can do the same work offline?


You don't need to upload the results to the Linux hardware DB; use the -show and -verbose options, then save the result locally to file:

sudo -E hw-probe -probe
sudo hw-probe --show --verbose > file
less file

man hw-probe:

   Show devices info.
   Use with -show option to show type and status of the device.
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Sure, use

$ sudo hw-probe -get-inventory-id -email ADDR

$ sudo -E hw-probe -all -upload -inventory-id INVENTORYID
Probe for hardware ... Ok
Reading logs ... Ok
Uploaded to DB, Thank you!

Probe URL: https://linux-hardware.org/?probe=PROBEID

WARNING: You'll get a letter soon to confirm new node.

$ sudo hw-probe -import ./DIR -i INVENTORYID
Importing probe PROBEID
Created index: ./DIR/index.html
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  • if i have to import the info from the above url? how would the command go for that? –  Zeeshan Haris Jan 25 at 9:56
  • @ZeeshanHaris I explained it all in the answer. – Munzir Taha Jan 25 at 12:36

Install perl-JSON-XS package and then:

sudo -E hw-probe -all
sudo cat /root/HW_PROBE/LATEST/hw.info/devices.json

See computed device statuses in the output:

"pci:10de-0dfc-1028-1535" : {
  "Bus" : "PCI",
  "Class" : "03-00",
  "Device" : "GF108GLM [NVS 5200M]",
  "Driver" : "nouveau",
  "SVendor" : "Dell",
  "Status" : "works",
  "Type" : "graphics card",
  "Vendor" : "NVIDIA Corporation"
"pci:1217-8221-1028-0535" : {
  "Bus" : "PCI",
  "Class" : "08-05-01",
  "Device" : "OZ600FJ0/OZ900FJ0/OZ600FJS SD/MMC Card Reader Controller",
  "Driver" : "sdhci_pci",
  "SVendor" : "Dell",
  "Status" : "detected",
  "Type" : "sd host controller",
  "Vendor" : "O2 Micro, Inc."
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