I had a couple of session running on a screen session

There are screens on:
5073 (Attached)
1865 (Attached)
2 Sockets in /run/screen/S-user

I have tried to use 1865 by using

screen -x 1865

The screen has the following statement. Attaching from inside of screen?

How to see what is going on in screen 1865.

I have tried using

screen -r -d 1865
screen -D -r 1865

but the same thing appears.

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I used the following command to resume the attached session.

screen -S 1865

This resumed the screen session and I was able to use it.

screen -X -S 1865 quit 

This command can detach the screen from socket.

  • this command will kill the screen Commented Oct 29, 2023 at 16:36

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