I want to write a bash script that will run with cron every 5 minutes that will check if there's any active users logged in and if no active users are logged in, it will shutdown. I've come up with this:

if [ $l -lt 2 ]                                                                                                                        

and was wondering if this will do it or if users will return something unexpected after the last one has disconnected.

Additional information:

I realized something else: I just tried this out on an system at home running Arch and I got the following:

[ron@osboxes ~]$ users
[ron@osboxes ~]$ who
[ron@osboxes ~]$

how can this be? It's obvious that I'm an actively logged-on user, is it not?

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    write script that writes data to a log instead of shutting the server down ... then you can determine what users returns when the last user logs out – jsotola Jan 24 '20 at 19:39

It should be a comment but I don't have 50 rep point, so I will lose even more, post this comment as answer :)

If you run this script in every five min, your server could shutdown while booting in before you even able to login. So not a good idea. Write a systemd timer.

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