I have the server-status page setup and can access it through http://localhost/server-status and commands like apache2ctl status.

Is there a way to access the infromation in the server-status page or generating the information (maybe using mod_perl) without having to use an apache worker?

This will be particularly useful when apache2 is frozen e.g no workers are available for extended periods of time.


You can check:

  • The service state with journalctl -u apache2
  • The regular logs in /var/log/apache2
  • The state of the memory, cpu, disk I/O, networktraffic with ps, top, htop, ntop, iotop or even reading the dirs /proc/PIDNUMMERS/ directly
  • The portstates with iptables, lsof and nmap
  • The traffic flowing from/to the server with tcpdump and wireshark

This should provide enough info about the status to keep you occupied for a while...

You can use a (perl)script to filter and combine all this info to get what you are really interested in.
But: the reason of the frozen pid's won't always be the same. By using a script you will miss important information, i strongly recommend to examine it manually.

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