I'm writing a bash script that will run a series of SQL files and output to either LESS or a file. I figured it would be safer to not hard code the database password into my script, and I didn't feel comfortable putting the password info into a file, either.

I had come up with the following solution:

### code block 1
sqlplus -s -L /nolog >"output_file.txt" <<-EOF
    connect username/$(read -s -p "Password: " a && echo -n "$a" && unset a)@database
    # various sqlplus settings
    start $sql_file

I wanted a way to look at the results without saving them to disk, so I added a flag $less_flag) so I can occasionally pipe to less. The following is directly below the EOF from block 1.

if [[ $less_flag -eq 1 ]]; then
    less -S <"output_file.txt"
    rm "output_file.txt"

Based on this answer, I changed the first line above to...

### code block 2
sqlplus -s -L /nolog <<-EOF | _output

The function _output is defined as follows:

_output() {
    # ...
    if [[ $less_flag -eq 1 ]]; then
        sed -E 'stuff' </dev/stdin | less -S
        sed -E 'other stuff' </dev/stdin >output_file.txt
    return 0

When I run the script with $less_flag set to 0, everything works as expected. But when the $less_flag is set to 1, it asks for the password and immediately proceeds to _output without letting me type said password. I end up having to kill the process.

Instead of code block 2, I've also tried this (also based on the above link's suggestions):

    sqlplus -s -L /nolog <<-EOF
        connect #...
        start   #...
} | _output

But the result is the same - it just hangs.

Any thoughts as to what is going on? Should I just go back to saving the output regardless, calling less after sqlplus exits if I want it, then removing the file afterwards?


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