I have a very simple question. I usually launch my web browser from the terminal using e.g.

firefox &

I would like to know if I can also launch it to a specific website like google.com. Even better to launch it from the terminal using one of my favourites in the toolbar. Any ideas how to do this? Cheers


To launch a specific website like google.com : firefox google.com

To manage your favorites from the terminal, you need an additional CLI tools, e,g: buku

buku - Bookmark manager like a text-based mini-web

buku is a command-line utility to store, tag, search and organize bookmarks.

You can import your bookmarks through:

buku -i bookmarks.html

To list them:

bku --print

To search:

buku -s word

see man buku , buku --help and buku on github.

  • I will look for the bookmanager tool buku. Thanks for the tip – Epilotus Jan 23 '20 at 13:33

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