So I decided to switch to Linux a month back and subsequently installed Zorin OS on my personal laptop. I had a folder on Win10 around 20GB heavy of which I took a backup on my workplace laptop before installing Zorin. Now, since I am a newbie and want to get exposed to as much as I can w.r.t Linux and Linux tricks, I decided to use SSH for transferring this folder to my personal laptop.

I saw some really cool videos on YouTube as to how can this be done and came across one which uses pscp.exe (PUTTY) to transfer the folder.

Everything was going well and many of the files in the folder were transferred before suddenly the connection got lost(reset to be precise). I don't know why that happened..??

So, can someone guide me on why that happened? Plus the files that were transferred aren't visible on the Linux laptop (personal laptop).

Can someone help me to understand how can I transfer the files to a folder which I have created on the desktop of the Linux machine? ( I mean the exact path I should give to copy the files from the host to the folder on the desktop of the client machine.)

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