I recently installed Trisquel 8 on a Thinkpad X200T with an Intel 5100 AGN card, and the WiFi did not work after my initial installation. I searched across various other forums for instructions to enable Trisquel to use the card, and I attempted to follow their instructions, but to no avail.

My networking hardware switch is set to on, I have the necessary firmware in the /lib/firmware directory, and I did load the iwlwifi module using modprobe, but the WiFi still does not work, and ifconfig and rfkill do not even show a wireless controller (rather, it only shows the ethernet and loopback systems).

Would somebody please help me? Thank you!

EDIT: I am aware that the firmware-iwlwifi is non-free, but I can't use a free WiFi device right now. I know that using it contradicts Trisquel's philosophy, but I know that I can still install it.

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The Intel 5100 AGN wifi card require a proprietary software (firmware-iwlwifi non-free). As defined in the tag info reuses Ubuntu packages and avoids using non-free packages.

Installing a non-free software on a GNU distribution doesn't make sense, it conflict with the philosophy of the gnu project.

To get the wifi working you need a PCI wifi card or a usb wifi device supported by a free software. Here is a list of suggestions on debian wiki.

  • I know that it is non-free, but I cannot buy a free WiFi card right now. I updated the question to clarify this. Commented Jan 23, 2020 at 14:05

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