mycrap@MYCRAP:~/Downloads$  tar -xJf Pango-.36.0.tar.xz
tar (child): Pango-.36.0.tar.xz: Cannot open: No such file or directory
tar (child): Error is not recoverable: exiting now
tar: Child returned status 2
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
  • Pango-.36.0.tar.xz doesn't seem to be a valid filename. Also, please format your text. – schaiba Jan 22 at 12:59
  • 2
    What is the return of issuing the command ls Pango-.36.0.tar.xz? – Paulo Tomé Jan 22 at 13:03
  • mycrap@MYCRAP:~$ sudo apt install xz-utils [sudo] password for mycrap: xz-utils is already the newest version (5.2.2-1.3). – crf Jan 22 at 13:52
  • mycrap@MYCRAP:~/Downloads$ ls pango-.36.0.tar.xz ls: cannot access 'pango-.36.0.tar.xz': No such file or directory.....even though the file is right there in my downloads folder. I don't get it. – crf Jan 22 at 13:56
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    It appears that the original problem was a mistyped filename on the command line. Your follow-up questions should be separate questions, if they are relevant to this site at all. As with most software, the build instructions will be found in a README or INSTALL document distributed with the software. If at all possible, install software through your system's package manager. – Kusalananda Jan 22 at 16:23

There is no such file like message informs. @Kusalananda, @schaina are right. Answer is tar cannot find Pango-.36.0.tar.xz. More detailed answer is, imo, Pango-.36.0.tar.xz doesn't look very well. Normally it would look like pango-1.36.0.tar.xz or something similar.

I bet that ls would look like this:

$ ls Pango-.36.0.tar.xz
ls: cannot access 'Pango-.36.0.tar.xz': No such file or directory

You have to give the right file name to tar and then it will find it.

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  • ok, downloaded the new update and did ... cd ~/Downloads......tar -xvf pango-1.44.7 ....... and then this ... mycrap@MYCRAP:~/Downloads/pango-1.44.7$ ./configure bash: ./configure: No such file or directory mycrap@MYCRAP:~/Downloads/pango-1.44.7$ – crf Jan 22 at 15:17
  • There is no configure script there. Only meson.build which I would guess is to be dealt with mesonbuild. In older pango-1.36.8 there is classic configure script. – tansy Jan 22 at 15:23

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