I am trying to compare timestamp of the latest modified file towards current time and if the diff is more than two hours I am trying to print that out. How can this be done?

The following command shows the timestamp of the file and it has to be compared to the current time.

root:/# aws s3 ls --endpoint=https://localhost s3://files/ | tail -n 1 |  awk {'print $1 " "  $2'}
2020-01-22 08:19:00
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    Doesn't AWS have some sort of find command or equivalent tool? – Kusalananda Jan 22 at 9:08
  • @Kusalananda not as far as I know. – user3270211 Jan 22 at 9:27
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    Note that you can simplify your awk to awk '{print $1,$2}', it will add a space for you. – terdon Jan 22 at 9:52
  • Thanks @terdon. How would you check the diff of the current timestamp and the timestamp I get out of the file? If the timestamp is greater than two hours it should print out something. I believe an if should do it? – user3270211 Jan 22 at 10:04
  • You can further simplify your tail | awk to awk 'END {print $1,$2}', which will consider only the last line of the input stream. – roaima Jan 22 at 11:46

You haven't specified your OS, but assuming you have GNU date, you can convert the date to a timestamp and then perform a simple calculation to determine if it's older than two hours ago:

    aws s3 ls --endpoint=https://localhost s3://files/ |
    awk 'END {print $1, $2}'
timestamp=$(date --date "$datetime" +'%s')
timeAgo=$(date --date "2 hours ago" +'%s')

if [[ $timestamp -lt $timeAgo ]]
    echo "It's a really old file"

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