I have a Lenovo x1 carbon 7th gen. I just recently installed the xserver-xorg-input-synaptics to fix the disabled click buttons after suspension.

Since I have installed the synaptics driver, the tap functionality of the touchpad itself is extremely high. Everytime I type on the keyboard, I activate a click on the touchpad, and when I click on the "activity" Icon in gnome it often registers two clicks.

From what I found out so far, I should change the options in synclient to alter this behaviour. But I cannot figure out which options need to be altered to fix this behaviour.

I am using the latest Pop OS version, which basically is Ubuntu 18.10

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I believe this answers your question.

  1. Run xinput.
  2. Get the id number of the touchpad.
  3. Then run this command: xinput list-props X (where X is the id number you just obtained).
  4. Then you can change your synaptic finger values by following this guide.

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