I am running

rpm -Vqf 

to check if various system files are correct. The below is a sample output.

S.5....T.  c /etc/enviro
missing     /var/run/abrt
file /etc/bluetooth is not owned by any package

I would like the output to be like the below in order to see the full path to the file. If permisions /ownr/checksum... are correct, if it is missing or not owned by a package.

/etc/bluetooth|not owned

I was looking at awk but can't quit get it correct.


Assuming that your output is always as presented for the three examples you provided, the following should work:

rpm -Vqf <arguments> | awk '/(\/[^/ ]+)+$/ {printf("%s|%s\n",$NF,$1);next} /is not owned/{printf("%s|not owned\n",$2)}'

This call to awk does the following:

  • If a line ends with an absolute file path (i.e. a / followed by any number of "non-slashes" (that are also no spaces), and that pattern possibly repeated), use printf to print the last record (= whitespace-separated string), which is the filepath, followed by the |, and then the first record. Then, skip execution to the next input line (otherwise you might get multiple output for the same input line).
  • If a line contains the string "is not owned", print the second record (which is the file path assuming that the output always reads file <name> is not owned ...), followed by the fixed string "not owned".
  • Thank you very much however on the file <name is not owned i seem to get package | file not sure why but thank you so much – heathc Jan 20 '20 at 13:12
  • See edited text, there was a typo (missing "space" after / in the square brackets) XD – AdminBee Jan 20 '20 at 13:13

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