Some entries in the Whisker menu still appear in English yet my computer is correctly set to French. Every menu, every application and the vast majority of Whisker menu entries are in French but some stay in English even though they are translated.

These entries are for example Gnome Disks, Gnome System Monitor, Ex Falso, Simple Scan or Quod Libet. I checked the corresponding files in /usr/share/applications, they all have name and description translations in French but the Whisker menu just don't display them. I also checked ~/.local/share/application and there is nothing in it, it's an empty directory.
Also when I try to right click on an entry in the Whisker menu, text fields are auto completed in French and when I click "Save" it creates a file in ~/.local/share/application but doesn't change the Whisker menu entry anyway.

I tried to change some other entries that are correctly translated or aren't translated at all and it automatically changes it in the Whisker menu.

I don't know why it affect these particular entries because some are packages I installed but some was pre installed.

I use XFCE on a Debian 10 machine.

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