I have ksh script, which is running the below command:

mkdir -p down/$JENKINS_URL

the thing is that some $JENKINS_URL (string) includes HTTP:// and in some HTTPS://, which is causing the creation of two subdirectories under down folder, and then subdirectories for each of them. how can I avoid it and create directly the folders name without HTTP or HTTPS under down folder?

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    mkdir -p "down/${JENKINS_URL#*://}" -- don't omit the quotes and be sure you're in control of that variable: it may break your system via ../../../../some/path. – mosvy Jan 19 at 10:19

Parameter substitution can be used to strip string prefixes from the JENKINS_URL. From the ksh man page:

${name#pattern}, ${name##pattern}

If pattern matches the beginning of the value of parameter name, the matched text is deleted from the result of substitution. A single # results in the shortest match, two #'s results in the longest match.

As an example:

mkdir -p "down/${JENKINS_URL#*://}"
echo mkdir -p "down/${JENKINS_URL#*://}"

The above script will strip any protocol prefix. The result of running the script is:

mkdir -p down/abc
mkdir -p down/def
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    Why ##? It seems to me shortest match # would be more correct... – filbranden Jan 19 at 11:18
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    @filbranden No idea. my brain said # but my fingers somehow typed something else. Thanks for pointing that out. – kaylum Jan 19 at 11:26
  • Tnx! it worked like magic – arielma Jan 19 at 12:13

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