I have two monitors and I want every desktop to be independent on every screen.

Like this: https://www.actualtools.com/virtualdesktops/independent_virtual_desktops_on_multiple_monitors.shtml

How can this be done on Linux?

  • Can you give more detail on what you are trying to do. Include it in you question. I am not going to read a long MS article, before answering your question. – ctrl-alt-delor Jan 18 at 16:42
  • Are you looking for different keyboard/mouse/user per monitor? Ability to switch virtual desktop on each monitor independently, but both monitors are in the same user session, and windows can/cannot/don't-care be dragged from monitor to monitor. – ctrl-alt-delor Jan 18 at 16:51
  • Which desktop should a window that spans two monitors be in? And I found a setting in one of the task-managers for plasma. It has the option to only show windows from current screen (not exactly what you were looking for). – ctrl-alt-delor Jan 18 at 17:07

you may have a look at https://www.enlightenment.org/ The only window manager I know of which allows you to have independent virtual desktops for each monitor/screen.

mon1=screen1      mon2=screen2 
-------------     -------------
| 1-0 | 1-1 |     | 2-0 | 2-1 |
-------------     -------------
| 1-3 | 1-4 |     | 2-3 | 2-4 |
-------------     -------------

Lets say you have the following elements on your screen

  • screen1 = 1-0
  • screen2 = 2-3

if you now switch screen1 to 1-3 than screen2 stays where it is at 2-3 same holds true if you now move screen2 to 2-4 than screen1 stays where you set it last as 1-3

You can easily move an application from 1-0 to 2-3 and also copy/paste works across all screens as it is just on X-Server

However you can NOT move the screen 2-x to the mon1 (kind of makes sense)

I like this setup and I run it within 3 physical monitors

If there are other Windowmanager which can do this I would like to know

Was not able to implement that with (maybe due to lack of skill on my side)

  • Awesome
  • Gnome
  • FVWM2
  • evilvm
  • Thanks, in fact coming back from macOS (I used KDE extensively before 10y) I was shocked about this "inflexibility" of most WMs. They can say what they want about X-standards, but it is highly annoying. I use 2 monitors to have an overview between left-right, and I should not need to move my windows around if I happen to have them on the "wrong" v-desktop... I guess it's bye KWIN after 3 hours of usage. I used to want to like Enlightenment (in the DR17 days), but the "integrated" DE experience was too incomplete, I fear it still is... – ppenguin Mar 4 at 23:03

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