I am wondering what causes this to happen. I am using a WiFi connection (wlan0) in my /etc/network/interfaces file. With the settings below I can successfully ping but I am unable to use "apt-get" or "git clone". When I type "route" the results take a long time to populate.

The contents of my /etc/resolv.conf file are:

# Generated by resolvconf
search attlocal.net
nameserver XXXX:XXX:XXXX:XXXX::X

The contents of my /var/run/dnsmasq/resolv.conf are:

# Generated by resolvconf
nameserver XXXX:XXX:XXXX:XXXX::X

I don't understand why it is doing this. I usually just get an IP address for nameserver. Any idea what causes this to happen?

Using Raspberry Pi Raspbian Jessie

UPDATE: If I wait 24 hours the resolv file eventually populates with an IP address but the system fails to execute apt-get update. It will get stuck on the first "get" command. If I ifdown wlan0 and ifup wlan0 the system appears to work fine after. Why is this forced reset needed? How can I avoid doing this and have it connect correctly from the start.

  • Are you using any kind of VPN client, are you using DHCP on your WiFi setup? – juicekebap123 Jan 18 at 3:57
  • To get a start on the issue you should search (grep) through system logs for relevant terms (DNS, nameserver, resolv) to see if there's any warnings or errors. If you're using a non-Ubuntu variant of Debian you can grep through the output of journalctl -b0. If using a Ubuntu variant grep through (I think) the files under /var/log/upstart. – Matthew Cline Jan 18 at 7:32
  • Are you getting literal X character for your name server or have you redacted that? If it’s redacted, that is an IPV6 name server, is that expected behaviour? – bxm Jan 18 at 9:30
  • @juicekebap123 no VPN is used. DHCP is being used. – presish Jan 20 at 19:28
  • @MatthewCline some messages I see in journalctl are: grep resolv - "no servers found in /var/run/dnsmasq/resolv.conf, will retry" grep nameserver - "using nameserver" and "using nameserver" grep dns - "stopped dnsmasq - A lightweight DHCP and caching DNS server" Anything specific I should be looking for? I am using a raspberry pi Debian Jesse – presish Jan 20 at 19:37

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