I have recently installed Fedora on my PC from a live USB. It was necessary to use Basic Graphics Mode for the installation, as systemd would hang at the message starting: terminate plymouth boot screen.

I have now been able to boot into Fedora using Basic Graphics Mode and update the kernel and the graphics driver amdgpu with dnf upgrade.

But if I now try to boot without Basic Graphics Mode, it just results in black screen and a unresponsive PC. I don't think systemd is started, as I don't reach the classic rolling text screen but just the black screen.

What could cause this problem? And how do I proceed with figuring out what the problem is?

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    can you switch to another tty ( ctrl+alt+f2/f3/etc) from the "black screen" to where you have access to your terminal? Also are you using Grub to boot with or the Live Installation? – Donald L Wilson Jan 17 '20 at 20:58
  • No, there is no access to another tty. Yes I am now using GRUB to boot the installed OS. Its from GRUB I am able to edit the, boot variables (?), to include nomodeset and access the OS in Basic Graphics Mode. – SørenHN Jan 17 '20 at 21:20
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    See if you can boot the system to terminal: boot to grub -> 'e' key -> boot parameters screen. In this screen arrow down to the line starting with "linux" and across to "quiet splash" . replace quiet splash and ALL after with " systemd.unit=multi-user.target " with out the quotes. Key combo clt+x to continue the boot process to TTY1. – Donald L Wilson Jan 17 '20 at 21:37
  • Yes, that works. I now have access to a working terminal. – SørenHN Jan 17 '20 at 21:48
  • Log in here on this terminal with your username and password. Now let's see what the system does when we start the GUI: systemctl isolate graphical.target – Donald L Wilson Jan 17 '20 at 21:53

Were you able to login and then this occurred or did this occur after logging in and running the
systemctl isolate graphical.target command?

It might best to run a file system check/repair from a live environment ( liveDVD). If you can and still have your liveDVD on hand easy and quick enough to do, to rule out a file system problem.

  • Yes, I was able to login and run the command, which resulted in the flashing text, and now black screen as described in the comment. – SørenHN Jan 17 '20 at 22:07
  • Okay this is weird. I have rebooted the PC and tried to boot to the terminal again. But it before the login at a line saying [ 2.362264] [drm] ib test in ring 12 succeeded? – SørenHN Jan 17 '20 at 22:36
  • that I believe is referring to an issue with the linux-firmware package and your amdgpu [reddit] (reddit.com/r/archlinux/comments/5vgfus/…) – Donald L Wilson Jan 17 '20 at 22:45
  • Oh never mind about the ring 12 stuff, I just didn't edit the boot options (?) correctly. But I still end up whit a black screen when running systemctl isolate graphical.target? – SørenHN Jan 18 '20 at 19:31

The problem has resolver itself by waiting for a newer version of the kernel and installing it.

I didn't figure out what the root course of the problem was.

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