We've been compiling and installing Apache under /usr/local/apache2 and in turn would tar the folder up to distribute to our other servers. I would like to convert this into an RPM package for easier maintenance. I'll be using fpm to handle the package creation, but I'm running into an issue when including additional modules.

Once the make install completes, we have a couple of additional modules to compile and install using apxs. For example, to install mod_qos we would run the following command once the package is uncompressed.

/usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs PATH_TO_MOD_OAS_DIRECTORY

That installs the mod_qos.so file into Apache's module directory. But let's say my make install turns into make install DESTDIR=/opt/buildbot I mean I really don't want to install Apache on my build server. I want to stage it so that i can use fpm to create the rpm package.

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