I have added http.sslCert and http.sslKey in git global config file and set http.sslVerify to false but still getting password prompt for git pull. Tried googling for reasons but could not find anything related to it.

I am using HTTPS url to clone repository. Same setup works fine in Windows machine.

Below is the sample of my .gitconfig file

        name = my name
        email = my email
        sslCert = /some/path/certs/app.crt.pem
        sslKey = /some/path/certs/app.key.pem
        proxy = proxy_address:port
        sslVerify = false
  • You haven't told us how the remote is configured and what software it's using. Usually most server installations require some sort of credentials even if you're using client certs. – bk2204 Jan 18 at 0:05

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