I have the following problem with a search method in Linux: I want to search multiple strings (e.g. text1, text2 and text3) in all files in a folder. I want to find all lines that contain these strings and print the result for each file in only one line.

I used grep and awk but the result is always spread over multiple lines. Can anybody help me to find a good method for that?

Please note that there can be multiple matches of some of the search strings within a single file, like two times text3, and i need both of them in output.

  • Please specify more clearly what the result is supposed to look like (perhaps give an example), by editing your question. – Ned64 Jan 15 '20 at 9:32

try this:

grep -Er "string 1|string 2|string 3" /folder|\
awk '{COLON1=index($0,":")
      if (FILE!=PREVFILE) { printf "\n"FILE": "} else printf " % "
      printf "%s",substr($0,COLON1+1)
     END {print "\n"}'

This puts all results for each file on one line, each result (if more than one) is separated by ' % '. It will search all files in the specified folder (but not any subfolders). I've put it on multiple lines for ease of comprehension, but it can be done as a one-liner - just use semi-colons between the awk commands instead of newlines.

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