In the Openbox window manager, is it possible to set a shortcut key combination to decorate/undecorate the active window, or change the layering of the active window (normal, above, below), or can this only be pre-defined in the config file with the <decor> and <layer> attributes?

If I have the window undecorated, then it's not possible to access the window layering icon (if set) to change the window from "normal" to "always on top". I might not always want a particular application set to always on top though, so setting it up in the config file isn't ideal.


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According to the OpenBox wiki you can create a keybinding using the ToggleDecorations action to decorate/undecorate the active window and the SendToLayer action to move the window to a specified layer.


Removes the window's decorations. If the configuration option is enabled (as in the default configuraton), then a border will be left as the only decorations around the window. If the window has already had its decorations removed, then this will restore them.


<keybind key="W-F5">
  <action name="ToggleDecorations"/>


Moves the window to the specified layer. Option Default Value Description normal The layer to put the window in. It can be the "top" layer, which appears over all other windows except fullscreen windows, the "normal" layer, or the "bottom" layer, which appears below all other windows.


<keybind key="W-F7">
 <action name="SendToLayer"><layer>top</layer></action>

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