when I get output from a cron job on OpenSuse, it has always this format in "From" Header:

"(Cron Daemon)" <user@hostname.domain>

I figured out how to change the "user" and the "hostname.domain" part by manipulating /etc/postfix/main.cf or, in Crontab, by using "MAILFROM=new_user@new_domain".

This is nice, but not yet very helpful, because on the Outlook mail list, only the name "(Cron Daemon)" is shown. This is not very nice because I have multiple servers an all are responding with that name "(Cron Daemon)" instead of somthing userful to distinguish them. Is there a way to change that without having to change all lines for cron jobs? I can't find the string "Cron Daemon" anywhere in /etc, so I guess it's something hardcoded, but there must be a way to override something like this, mustn't it?

I already tried a lot of combinations on MAILFROM, but by now, nothing worked.


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