As the description says, I want to set up an OpenVPN connection which is available through my Netgear R8500 router for use on my laptop which is running Pop!_OS. I don't think the fact that it's Pop!_OS specifically has any impact on the matter as it's based on Ubuntu 19.10.

I updated the firmware on my Netgear router and regenerated the OpenVPN certificate. I downloaded the configuration package for smart phones and set it up on my Android device as a test that the router is accessible through the internet and that I can connect. I'm able to access a computer running on my home network.

I then downloaded and extracted all 3 of the configuration packages (for Windows, for non-Windows, for Smartphone) to my laptop.

I have the openvpn, network-manager-openvpn, and network-manager-openvpn-gnome packages installed.

From the terminal openvpn --config [win|non-win|smart].ovpn runs without warnings or errors... but it never seems to do anything. There's no output at all and it doesn't seem to ever time out. I can still access the internet fine, but I'm not able to connect to a computer on my home network. I looked in /var/log/openvpn but there are no files in there. I also tried running the command with sudo.

I've also tried configuring the VPN through the network manager GUI by importing from file. I've tried all 3 of the configuration packages and they all have the same result. They go into a connecting state for a minute and then it errors out just with the message "Activation of network connection failed."

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