I have a text file as follows:


How can I use ---- as delimiter and take out for example dddd or cccc? By take out I mean run a command and get "dddd" if my input indicates I want the 3rd field of the whole file. It seems that awk or cut operates on only one line, so I couldn't think of any way to do this with these commands.

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    awk operates on records - by default the record separator (RS) is newline but you can set it to another value – steeldriver Jan 13 at 19:08
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    Can you edit your question and explain a little more about what you want to do. What do you mean by "take out"? It'd be helpful to know what you'd like the result to look like. – Andy Dalton Jan 13 at 19:42

You can use sed and csplit to do this.

sed -i.bak 's/----/-/g' file && csplit --suppress-matched file '/-/' '{*}'
  • sed will replace the "----" with a single "-" in file (and create a backup just in case)

  • csplit will then split the file based on the single "-" and output multiple files [e.g. xx00, xx01 etc.]

EDIT: Thanks @AdminBee for pointing out the typo. removed the extra "file" from the command.

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    Are you sure the first file statement after -i.bak is correct? – AdminBee Jan 14 at 10:51

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