I have an .ssh/config file that gives several names for the same remote host, e.g.:-

Host cheddar
HostName cheddar.halon.org.uk
Host halon
HostName cheddar.halon.org.uk

Then I have an entry for cheddar.halon.org.uk which specifies various things for that host. I was expecting that the configuration at the cheddar.halon.org.uk would get executed when I used 'cheddar' or 'halon' for the ssh connection but it doesn't. The cheddar.halon.org.uk configuration only gets set when I do 'ssh cheddar.halon.org.uk'.

Is there any way to get the same configuration when using a number of different names for a host?

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    At least with OpenSSH, the Host key accepts a whitespace separated list (or even a pattern). So you can use a single Host cheddar halon line followed by common settings. Maybe that would help? – steeldriver Jan 10 at 20:38
  • Yes, youi're absolutely right, that's the way to do it. – Chris Green Jan 11 at 13:44
  • Yes, you're absolutely right, that's the way to do it. I now have:- Host cheddar.halon.org.uk cheddar halon PermitLocalCommand yes # LocalCommand echo "Local command runs" >/tmp/lc LocalCommand rsync --update -a -e "ssh -o PermitLocalCommand=no" ~/.cfg/ halon:.cfg/ & Hostname cheddar.halon.org.uk – Chris Green Jan 11 at 14:59
  • ... and I can't get the hang of using markdown to indicate code! :-) – Chris Green Jan 11 at 15:00
  • Markdown is limited in comments - you might want to consider posting your successful config as a self-answer instead – steeldriver Jan 11 at 15:18

OK, here's the answer to my specific requirement. As noted above in the comments, one can put more than one name in the Host line:

Host cheddar.halon.org.uk cheddar halon
    Hostname cheddar.halon.org.uk

Very simple!

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