I've tried VsVim recently. One nice thing I noticed is when c or d is entered the cursor shape changes to half-underscore. And after deleting the line with dd cursor shape restores to block. Is it possible to add this feature to Vim?

Cursor change on <change>


In my case it was I think gvim, on Windows, which made me get used to a different cursor in normal and insert mode.

You did not specify any terminal; I made a small function in my .vimrc for linux console and xterm.

" Cursor shape ANSI-Codes
fu Cursor_tve()
if ($TERM == 'linux')
    au! InsertEnter * set t_ve=^[[?3;0;8c^[[?25h
    au! InsertLeave * set t_ve=^[[?192;7;50c^[[?25h
    " yellow
    "set t_ve=^[[?255;16;245c^[[?25h

if ($TERM =~ 'xterm' )
    set t_SI=^[[4\ q
    set t_EI=^[[2\ q
    " for xterm: (just blink)
    "au! InsertEnter * set t_ve=^[[?25h^[[?12h
    "au! InsertLeave * set t_ve=^[[?12l^[[?25h


(To call it I have call Cursor_tve() also in .vimrc.)

The t_SI for xterm is mentioned in vim's help, try :h t_SI. The escape sequence is also a bit hard to find.

For only one terminal type you can leave out the if ($TERM == part

As you see, I first had a yellow cursor. This was neither practical nor did it work well with the shell cursor. Now I have a full cursor for normal mode and a line (xterm) or a quarter block (linux).

  • When I press c or d key (before delete) there's no event <t_SI> yet. It happens after cw or c$ but not earlier. And I want to catch moment when only c or d key pressed. Maybe there's a special event name for these keys?
    – poulix
    Jan 9 '20 at 20:27
  • I see...you want more than "c" or "d" bottom right indicating operator-pending mode. So after "dd" you get the normal block cursor restored. And after "cc"? Is there a special cursor indicating insert mode?
    – user373503
    Jan 9 '20 at 21:59
  • Actually, yes. And I don't see bottom right indicating operator-pending mode. Is it enabled by default?
    – poulix
    Jan 10 '20 at 1:28
  • 1
    operator-pending mode is not affected by 'showmode' option - I don/t even know how to turn it off, in vim 8.1 :version 'huge-without-GUI'. With GUI (i.e. gvim?) you have option 'guicursor', where 0:hor50-Cursor is defined. I actually have it, but it doesn't work in non-GUI vim. This cursor shape thing is quite a portability issue...Did you try gvim, or do you insist on vim?
    – user373503
    Jan 10 '20 at 5:49

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