I'm using kali linux 5.3.0 gnome and I want to remove or disable this screen https://imgur.com/a/EFLE3k5 only, before continuing on to enter my username and password. This is the screen that comes up after the computer falls asleep then it wakes up. You then press a key to continue on to the actual log in screen. I want to remove or disable this particular screen and go straight to the credentials screen

  • Is there an actual question here? What have you tried, what have you found when searching that did not work, etc.? Welcome to U&L, we suggest you take the tour and review the guidance on how to ask a good question. – 0xSheepdog Jan 9 at 1:20
  • @0xSheepdog it's pretty clear what I'm asking, not sure how to ask it any clearer. I'm trying to remove the first stage of the lockscreen. How can you do that? – Richard Jan 9 at 3:14

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