Currently, I have both the gajim and skype windows visible as both icons (in systray) and window labels (in mytasklist). How can I remove that latter so that it is not shown since I do not need two instances of the same thing cluttering my wibox.

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To have a window not appear in the tasklist, you have to set skip_taskbar to true for the client. As you want to do that for specific applications, probably the best way is to add a client rule to your rc.lua:

awful.rules.rules = {
    { rule = { class = {"Gajim","Skype"} },
      properties = { skip_taskbar = true }
    -- other rules ...

You may have to change the values for class. To get the window class of a X program, call xprop WM_CLASS from a terminal, then click on the window you want to match. This should output 2 values (e.g. WM_CLASS(STRING) = "Zsh", "URxvt"). The second one is the one for class. The first one can be matched with instance and may be used to differentiate between windows from the same program.

See also Awesome Wiki for more on rules and Awesome API docs for a list of properties you can set with rules.


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