I get kernel panic from my freshly compiled linux kernel booting from USB key (like here Unable to mount root fs)

 1. error      : unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)
 2. kernel version : 5.5-rc5
 3. bootloader : none (EFI stub)
 4. built-in kernel command line : root=PARTUUID=xx1-xx1-xx1-1xx
 5. root file system : f2fs
 6. kernel is moduleless

Solutions tried/tested

 1. kernel supports the filesystem on root
 2. checked PARTUUID of the root device 3 times
 3. no modules 
 4. kernel do load my sata ssd with proper PARTUUID
 5. kernel doesn't mount other USB drive
 7. tried with UUID and /dev/sda2 same result

It seems to be a USB problem something wrong in kernel configuration ?

some links already checked Unable to mount root fs, not syncing vfs unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0 0)


1 Answer 1

  • Ok it turns to be a slow USB subsystem.
  • rootwait added to the kernel command line fixed that

all the credit goes to NeddySeagoon from Gentoo Forum link to the post Unable to mount root fs

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