I decided to build XScreensaver from source recently after realizing my distribution had a slightly outdated build in the repo. Everything is great except for the dialog boxes, which have a humungous, awful, Papyrus like font.

I'm told that I can edit a file titled ".Xdefaults", but that file doesn't exist. Nor does .Xresources, which supposedly does the same thing. Apparently if I don't have one that I need to create it myself. But if one doesn't exist, then where is the program getting this font from? I feel like creating an .Xdefaults file wouldn't solve the problem here. I tried editing the source code to change the font but it seems like the program just ignores any changes I make to the font names and keeps the font.

Awful font

I'm using Elementary OS. I'm told xscreensaver doesn't work well with eOS, but since the version I downloaded from the package manager has a different font, I beg to differ.


X resources come from several places; the first place is the database inside the X server and managed with, e.g., xrdb. Typically ~/.Xresources (if it exists) will be loaded into the X server by your distro's X login scripts — using xrdb. ~/.Xdefaults servers a similar purpose.

The fallback (before compiled-in defaults) is the app defaults files. I'm not entirely sure where they're located on Elementary OS, but on Debian they're in /etc/X11/app-defaults — in particular, take a look at /etc/X11/app-defaults/XScreenSaver. Another possible location is /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/XScreenSaver.

BTW: XScreenSaver probably uses traditional X font naming, not modern Fontconfig naming. Which also may mean not all fonts are available. xfontsel can be used to get the traditional X font name (and find a font you like).

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