How do I make the following cheat-code permanent on knoppix 8.6.1 on usb stick, because filesystem type is iso9660 (read-only) and won't let me edit /mnt-system/boot/isolinux/isolinux.cfg.

Cheat code entered at boot prompt: knoppix xmodule=vesa

Full Details:

I've just put knoppix 8.6.1 on a usb stick (persistence was there by default). But X Window won't display unless I enter the cheat-code "knoppix xmodule=vesa" at the initial boot prompt.

Incidentally, when using Knoppix 7.7.1 on a usb stick, on the EXACT SAME laptop (Acer Aspire 5755G), I don't need the cheat-code.

I'd like to not have to type the cheat-code in every time I boot the 8.6.1, and believe that I can achieve that by adding "xmodule=vesa" as a kernel parameter on an "APPEND" line in /boot/isolinux/isolinux.cfg.

I can get to that file using the path /mnt-system/boot/isolinux/isolinux.cfg.

But it won't let me write to that file because /mnt-system is mounted read only. When I try to remount /mnt-system as read-write, it says "write-protected."

/UNIONFS is mounted as read-write, but the path /UNIONFS/boot/isolinux/ does not exist.

I understand that because partition 1 (the main Knoppix system) is filesystem type iso9660*, that it is by definition read-only. (*On which I believe /boot/isolinux/isolinux.cfg sits).

Main Question:

So could you tell me please, what method I need to use to make my cheat-code permanent?

Reason for Using 8.6.1:

I'm trying out 8.6.1 because it has a newer kernel than 7.7.1, and I've read that a newer kernel might fix my problem of downloads halting when the lid is closed. I've already tried many lid disabling methods, but none of them prevent the downloading from halting.

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    I think the term "kernel parameter" would be more appropriate than "cheat code" (which reminds me of games). – Jeff Schaller Jan 5 at 21:00
  • @Jeff Schaller: I agree completely. I don't like the term "cheat code" either. I would have used a term like "kernel parameter", but it occurred to me that users would more readily understand what my question was specifically about* if I used the term "cheat code". (*That is, the thing you type in at the Knoppix boot prompt to fix boot problems). I'm more likely to get answers when users readily know what my question is specifically about. By the way - love the surname. – dave99 Jan 9 at 19:24

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