I am dealing with a custom board based on a MT7628AN SoC.

Currently it takes a LOOOOOOONG time to initialize the entropy pool:

[ 1857.972285] random: crng init done

That is about half an hour!

I have found traces in various places (including MT7628 datasheet) pointing i the direction of some hardware support, e.g.:

6:4 RESV1 Select Random Generator mode

Which makes sense because this chip is meant for WiFi/Access Point/router implementation; unfortunately I was unable to find specific information.

I also found recent Linux kernels have HW_RANDOM_MTK config variable, but apparently this is not available on MT7628 (recently added to upstream kernel).

Question is: is there a driver suitable for my SoC? Even if not in mainstream kernel I'd be happy to test/patch it myself.

Pointers to relevant documentation enabling me to write such a driver would be equally welcome.


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