What else apart from setup needs to be done for successful installation of slackware linux?

Background- I installed slackware by simply running setup command and nothing else but after reboot I can't boot successfully ( here are the errors which I faced;asked as a separate question ) So with that I think online available guides ( guides that is referred to 1st 2nd )have missed or forgot to mention something important or some optional things are to be done if user needs features (like partition on which I am trying to slackware is a logical partition ). If anyone has successfully installed slackware please let me know what else needs to be done? Thanks in advance for help !!!

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  • Have you managed to install it? – DevilaN 2 days ago
  • I gave up after trying many times but if you have found/or want to add an answer go ahead and I will try installing it again. – Madhubala 2 days ago
  • Is this UEFI or MBR system? What is your hardware spec? Can you boot to setup with no problem at all? Have you tried any other linux, like booting / installing KNOPPIX to confirm that this is only slackware related problem, but no your hardware specific issue no matter which linux you are trying to install? – DevilaN 2 days ago
  • MBR system , processor - ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/36463/… ; 4GB ram ;Tried many linux dustro with all of them currently installed - debian,arch,fedora(had graphics problems),void,solus ; haven't tried KNOPPIX – Madhubala 2 days ago

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