I use Arch linux with i3 and xfce4 desktop environment. I have configured tty1 to open i3-gaps and tty2 to open xfce4. Is there a way to display a custom message on each tty saying that the current tty will open i3 window manager etc. I know about the /etc/issue file to show a message, but i would like to have a separate message for each tty before login. Is this possible??


If you want to display the contents of /etc/issue2 when opening tty2, run systemctl edit getty@tty2, and paste the following contents:

ExecStart=-/sbin/agetty --issue-file /etc/issue2 -o '-p -- \\u' --noclear %I $TERM

This modifies getty@.service, but only for tty2. See systemctl cat getty@ for the un-modified service file.

With this drop-in snippet, the first ExecStart= line means "discard any ExecStart line that was present in the original service file", and the second ExecStart= line is the one I found in systemctl cat getty@, but I've added --issue-file /etc/issue2 so tty2 will use a different issue file than the other ttys.


You can change the banner displayed after the login changing the content of the file /etc/motd.

  • Sorry but i need to show a message before login. Is there a way to edit system files? The /etc/issue file lets me show a message but its the same for each tty . I would like a custom message for each tty – Alan Dsilva Jan 6 at 13:38

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