When creating a virtual machine with Ubuntu OS on it, I set in the characteristics of VM: VT-x/AMD-V, Nested Paging, PAE/NX, Paravirtualization KVM. But after creating the VM, I run it and check for the presence of KVM and get:

yana@yana-VirtualBox:~$ kvm-ok
INFO: Your CPU does not support KVM extensions
INFO: For more detailed results, you should run this as root
HINT:   sudo /usr/sbin/kvm-ok
yana@yana-VirtualBox:~$ sudo /usr/sbin/kvm-ok
[sudo] password for yana: 
INFO: Your CPU does not support KVM extensions
KVM acceleration can NOT be used

I'm confused about this. It turns out that my Ubuntu on the VM does not support hardware virtualization? (P.S. some instruction says that I need it to run Minikube)


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If you're using Oracle VirtualBox, it depends on what CPU of your host system.

Nested virtualization is indeed supported in VirtualBox but only on hosts running AMD CPUs, yet. Which means that if your host supports VT-x (vmx) then your guest hosts will support it too (if you enable it in VM options).

You can use VMware or QEMU/KVM instead, which supports Nested Virtualization.

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