For some reason I had to recreate a LVM partition. The usual procedure seemed to terminate successfully with mount /my/new/mountpoint.

But after checking the current status with df -h, lsblk and lvs, etc. I recognized that my logical volume was not mounted at all.

Looking into the kernel log I found

[1388925.704404] XFS (dm-7): Mounting V5 Filesystem
[1388925.715171] XFS (dm-7): Ending clean mount

So the device seemed to be unmounted immediately after it was mounted.

What happens here?

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The solution was

systemctl daemon-reload

The answer was found in /var/log/syslog

Jan  ... myserver kernel: [1388925.704404] XFS (dm-7): Mounting V5 Filesystem
Jan  ... myserver kernel: [1388925.715171] XFS (dm-7): Ending clean mount
Jan  ... my systemd[1]: my-mountpoint.mount: Unit is bound to inactive unit dev-myvolgroup-mylogicalvolume.device. Stopping, too.

So it seems that systemd had generated a unit file for the mount that conflicts with the new configuration.

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    Thanks, this helped
    – Tom-db
    Dec 3, 2021 at 13:04

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