I just installed Regolith on top of a normal Ubuntu installation.

After some conflicting advice between the on-screen help and wiki (Super+t, not Super+Backspace) I managed to toggle between vertical, horizontal and tabbed layouts. It skips the other standard layout option in i3wm, which is stacking.

How do I get a stacking layout in Regolith?

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After copying the file /etc/regolith/i3/config into .config/regolith/i3/config, find the line:

bindsym $mod+$i3-wm.binding.layout_mode layout toggle tabbed splith splitv

Add stacking to it by:

bindsym $mod+$i3-wm.binding.layout_mode layout toggle tabbed stacking splith splitv

After saving and closing the file, press Win + Shift + R to reload i3:

Now, you can toggle the different layouts using Win+T; press Win+T multiple times (based on the number of layouts you have) until you see the stacking layout.


I was doing it just like AbdElaziz Saad mentioned, ie. changing the $mod+$i3-wm.binding.layout_mode mapping in the .config/regolith/i3/config file. However, one thing I disliked about that, if regolith makes any changes to /etc/regolith/i3/config, you won't see it unless you manually check it every once in a while.

(and that file has indeed changed a few times. Perhaps mainly due to the regolith 2.0 migration)

So what I'm doing now instead on regolith 2.0 is:

  • There's a folder for putting your custom i3 config files: ~/.config/regolith2/i3/config.d/

    • Nothing magical here, it's specified at the end of ~/.config/regolith2/i3/config:
      # Include any regolith i3 partials
      include /usr/share/regolith/i3/config.d/*
      # Include any user i3 partials
      include $HOME/.config/regolith2/i3/config.d/*
  • Add a file there with any name (mine is ~/.config/regolith2/i3/config.d/custom-i3) containing:

workspace_layout stacked

What this does is make it so that any new windows will open with "stacked" layout by default, which means:

  • all of my windows are stacked
  • I never need to press Win + T unless I want to change that to tabbed
  • Any updated to the default i3 config are not shadowed by my manual changes

The Regolith i3 config is stored at /etc/regolith/i3/config. You can review it and then copy it to .config/i3/config in your home directory.

From there, using standard i3 config file syntax found in the user's manual to bind the keys you want to toggle stacking mode on.

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