First: Thank you all for building this awesome community. I'm learning a lot.

I've installed privoxy 3.0.26 in a docker container on a Debian server and set the log level in /etc/privoxy/config to 1024. But privoxy doesn't seem to log any traffic. Browsers are definitely using the proxy, since I can see http://config.privoxy.org/show-status.

I also created the privoxy.log file and set permissions to everyone, just to be sure it's not a permission issue:

-rwxrwxrwx    1 privoxy  privoxy          5 Jan  1 15:00 privoxy.log

cat privoxy.log:


privoxy config:

user-manual /usr/share/doc/privoxy/user-manual/
confdir /etc/privoxy
logdir /var/log/privoxy
actionsfile match-all.action
actionsfile default.action
actionsfile user.action
filterfile default.filter
filterfile user.filter
logfile privoxy.log
debug 1024
toggle 1
enable-remote-toggle 0
enable-remote-http-toggle 0
enable-edit-actions 1
enforce-blocks 0
buffer-limit 8192
enable-proxy-authentication-forwarding 0
forwarded-connect-retries 0
accept-intercepted-requests 1
allow-cgi-request-crunching 0
split-large-forms 0
keep-alive-timeout 5
tolerate-pipelining 1
socket-timeout 300
max-client-connections 256
actionsfile ab2p.system.action
actionsfile ab2p.action
filterfile ab2p.system.filter
filterfile ab2p.filter

Privoxy was invoked as follows:

privoxy --no-daemon --user privoxy /etc/privoxy/config 

Blocking Statistics:

5 out of 73 requests have been blocked, which equals a block rate of 6.85%. 

Docker image is splazit/privoxy-alpine.

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