In the past, after a reboot, I used to get the same applications I had running launched automatically, with the same files opened.

With Manjaro/Arch I cannot get the same behaviour. Is there any setting I can switch to get it?

The desktop environment I am using is KDE, in case this is important.

In the "Desktop Session - System Settings Module" dialog, the "Restore previous session" option is already ticked, but is ignored. The behaviour is the one corresponding to the "Start with an empty session" option.

So, my questions are:

  1. Is there anything else I can do from KDE to let the system know I want my session to be saved and reloaded after a reboot?
  2. Is there a configuration file I can manually modify for the same purpose (probably the same one KDE modifies on its own).

Version info:
Manjaro 18.1.4
KDE Plasma 5.17.80
Linux Kernel 5.4.3

  • @jsotola - Sorry, I cannot see what is missing. Maybe you can help... – Pietro Dec 29 '19 at 21:43
  • Which desktop environment are you using on arch/manjaro? So it's working on KDE and not on another one? Or do both the working OS and the non-working OS have KDE? – rudib Dec 29 '19 at 22:11
  • @rudib - The second; I always used KDE, and I am having this issue only with Arch/Manjaro. – Pietro Dec 29 '19 at 22:15
  • 1
    I'm not sure what exactly would be going on there then, but you could try checking if the ksmserver is working as expected by running qdbus org.kde.ksmserver /KSMServer org.kde.KSMServerInterface.sessionList. Which greeter are you using on Majaro? – rudib Dec 29 '19 at 22:29
  • 1
    I wanted to recommend you manually saving the session, rebooting and manually restoring it afterwards - for debugging. But unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an official way to restore sessions manually yet: unix.stackexchange.com/questions/497360/… – rudib Dec 30 '19 at 2:21

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