I tried to update my "Fedora" by using Terminal. It worked great at first but after a while it said that "there is not enough space in var/". I added some more space by using Gparted and now everything is OK. My question is, How can I clean all useless downloaded files or junk files in var/?
Thank you for your help.

The tail of error was this
" installing package fedora-chromium-config-1.1-3.fc31.noarch needs 81MB on the /var filesystem

Error Summary

**Disk Requirements: At least 81MB more space needed on the /var filesystem."

These are in var/

account crash ftp lib log nis run www adm db games local lost+found opt spool yp cache empty kerberos lock mail preserve tmp

These are in cache/

abrt-di cups foomatic gdm ibus ldconfig libX11 PackageKit realmd app-info dnf fwupd httpd krb5rcache libvirt man private

  • Have a look in /var/tmp and /var/spool ?
    – steve
    Dec 28 '19 at 14:03
  • 1
    @steve Dear Steve. Thank you for your reply. I used DU command to know how much space they were using and I got that tmp/ was using just 198 Mb and it was 52 Kb for spool/. Also, It was 412 Mb for cache/. All access denied files are missed in total! Thank you.
    – ismaeel
    Dec 28 '19 at 23:17

I've just used du -h | sort command to know which directory get more space and I found that /cache/PackageKit/31 is in charge. Using StackExchange, I find that I can remove all files in this directory with sudo pkcon refresh force -c -1 but I've not dare to do this! Besides I have enough space on my hard-driver. Thank you for your helps. What I found

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