innocent / # nmcli d wifi list
*  SSID               MODE   CHAN  RATE       SIGNAL  BARS  SECURITY 
   HillBillies        Infra  2     54 Mbit/s  90      ▂▄▆█  WPA2

*  TELPorto           Infra  6     54 Mbit/s  76      ▂▄▆_  WPA1 WPA2 

   NgNetHookup        Infra  6     54 Mbit/s  60      ▂▄▆_  WPA2

I only wish to keep TELPorto, HillBillies and NgNetHookup need to be nuked. From reading man nmcli, I was unable to discover how to edit that list. I am running Linux Mint.

Issuing : innocent / # iw wlp2s0 scan

one of the items is (in part) :

BSS f8:c3:9e:5d:2d:b8(on wlp2s0)

    TSF: 127000886994 usec (1d, 11:16:40)
    freq: 2417
    beacon interval: 100 TUs
    capability: ESS Privacy ShortSlotTime RadioMeasure (0x1411)
    signal: -50.00 dBm
    last seen: 2964 ms ago
    Information elements from Probe Response frame:
    SSID: Ng WiFiLink
    (...) /...

Issuing : innocent / # nmcli -f all dev wifi list

returns output like so

SSID => Ng WiFiLink
SSID-HEX => 436975612057256961
BSSID => F8:C3:9E:5D:2D:B8
MODE => Infra
CHAN => 2
FREQ => 2417 MHz
RATE => 54 Mbit/s
SIGNAL => 90
BARS => ▂▄▆█
WPA-FLAGS => pair_ccmp group_ccmp psk
RSN-FLAGS => wlp2s0
DEVICE  ACTIVE => [  ]   ( * if yes ?)
DBUS-PATH => /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/AccessPoint/85

Issuing : innocent / # nmcli -p -f general,wifi-properties device show wlp2s0

                            Device details (wlp2s0)
GENERAL.DEVICE:                         wlp2s0
(...) /...
GENERAL.CON-UUID:             eb8ab8ea-e616-48ba-a9eb-a6bfdf1ec480
GENERAL.CON-PATH:      /org/freedesktopNetworkManagerActiveConnection/6

The following were just a few of the 20? or 30? yug combinatorial / experimenting efforts made to chance on some syntax nmcli would work with:

Trying using DBUS-PATH // GENERAL.CON-PATH: innocent / # nmcli dev disconnect /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/ActiveConnection/6

Error: Device '/org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/AccessPoint/83' not found.

Error: not all devices found.

Trying using SSID-HEX: innocent / # nmcli dev disconnect 436975612057256961

Error: Device '436975612057256961' not found.

Error: not all devices found.

Trying with UUID:

innocent system-connections # nmcli dev disconnect 'eb8ab8ea-e616-48ba-a9eb-a6bfdf1ec480'

Error: Device 'eb8ab8ea-e616-48ba-a9eb-a6bfdf1ec480' not found.

Error: not all devices found.

Finally, for the WIN, using one of the commands referenced in the answer below, from GAD3R , this did the job:

innocent system-connections # nmcli connection delete id Ng\ WiFiLink

Connection 'Ng WiFiLink' (eb8ab8ea-e616-48ba-a9eb-a6bfdf1ec480) successfully deleted. innocent system-connections #


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The command nmcli d wifi list will list the available access point from the previous scan. You need to refresh the list of AP through:

nmcli device wifi rescan


nmcli d wifi list

info nmcli:

wifi rescan [ifname ifname] [ssid SSID...]
       Request that NetworkManager immediately re-scan for available
       access points...

This command does not show the APs, use nmcli device wifi list for that.

The saved configuration can be listed through:

nmcli connection 

To remove a connection by its name:

nmcli connection delete id 'connection name'

To remove a connection by its UUID:

nmcli connection delete uuid 'connection uuid'
  • Seems like a good thing to check that an item was in fact deleted, but my question is where/how, to delete or permanently disable items there Dec 28, 2019 at 13:07

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