This is on Debian Buster with kernel 4.19.0-6

I've installed iptables-persistent and netfilter-persistent versions 1.0.11

and added a basic rule to arptables-nft to block all LAN addresses but the default gateway like so:

# arptables-nft -A INPUT -s ! -j DROP

saving the rules into a file can be done like so

$ sudo arptables-nft-save >> ~/Desktop/arptable-rules.save
$ less ~/Desktop/arptable-rules.save
-A INPUT ! -s --h-length 6 --h-type 1 -j DROP

And the rules can be restored like so

$ sudo arptables-nft -F
$ sudo arptables-nft-restore < ~/Desktop/arptable-rules.save
$ sudo arptables-nft -L -n
Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)
! -s --h-length 6 --h-type 1 -j DROP

Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT)

But for some reason, it does not persist past a reboot. I thought that arptables-nft would be part of the netfilter arp table, but it isn't. Aside from making a startup script (e.g. Making scripts run at boot time with Debian) which runs arptables-nft-restore and perhaps a shutdown script which runs arptables-nft-save, I am not sure how to make the arptable-nft table rules persistent past a reboot.


Is there some way to have the rules automagically save like they do with nft or iptables-persistent and how they handle their tables? Or would writing a startup / shutdown script be less trouble?

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