I have cloned a linux mint 19.2 ssd, and now when I open the panel settings, I can't save any change and any change immediately resets on the ui, too.

Installation details

(GPT disk)

  • efi partition
  • swap partition
  • /home
  • /

The source disk was a 2,5" sata ssd, the target disk is an nvme ssd. I cloned the disk using dd with conv=noerror,sync options. According to dd's output, everything was copied successfully. Grub needed to be reinstalled before I could boot the disk.

Error messages

When I start cinnamon-settings panel (with or without sudo) from the terminal, I get two of this error message:

(cinnamon-settings.py:7377): dconf-WARNING **: 17:32:56.237: failed to commit changes to dconf:
Cannot open dconf database: invalid gvdb header

How can I solve this problem?


For those that stumble upon this question later, I managed to solve it: It seems that the dconf database that stored the settings has been corrupted. To reset it, I had to delete the ~/.local/dconf/user file. The system automatically generated a new database file with the default values in it, which was now editable.

Found the file's location here.

Warning: I don't know what other settings this file stores. Deleting it resets everything else it stores, of course.

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