when I try to install polybar on Arch (with AUR, or without), I always get an error with header's include of freetype2, because he's seeking freetype and not freetype2. I tried to correct the issue by changing all the freetype by freetype2 (without success...) Here's the log of polybar install : https://hastebin.com/oxerutises.coffeescript

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

The issue seems to be that xproto.pc cannot be found. Arch recently did some cleanup related to xorg packages which changed some of the dependencies around the xorgproto package. Polybar relied on xorgproto without knowing it, and with these changes that dependency was no longer satisfied because polybar did not make it explicit.

I have now updated the AUR packages to include xorgproto as a compile-time dependency to polybar. Please redownload the PKGBUILD and try to build again.

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