We need two terminals/consoles per machine. One is connected with IPMI over Ethernet and the other is a software-based console that runs from the Intel BMC's web server.

The IPMI terminal ( ttyS0 ) is working fine but the software based console requires us to type a username then hit enter to be logged in. The passwordless aspect is working on terminals.

I modified our /etc/pam.d/login so the first two lines look like this:

auth       sufficient   pam_listfile.so item=tty sense=allow file=/etc/securetty onerr=fail apply=utah

Also added /etc/securetty file containing two lines:


No matter what syntax I use in the systemd override.conf, I still need to type the username ( utah )on tty1 and hit enter to login.

PS. The username 'utah' is not our actual username.

  • I just added "console" at the top of my /etc/securetty file and rebooted so now the fully auto login works but the shell prompt is printed in duplicate, i.e. utah@comp99~[utah@comp99]$ – user189395 Dec 20 '19 at 22:20

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