Somewhat related to how to pipe audio output to mic input and https://askubuntu.com/questions/602593/whats-a-good-soundflower-replacement-for-ubuntu but those both involve "recording".

I want to play a movie trailer or just any video on a screenshare in Zoom and have the audio that I hear also go to attendees/viewers. I installed pavucontrol and do have the ability to list "monitors" on the inputs tab, but those "monitor of" inputs don't show up as input/mics in zoom.

I feel like I need the ability to re-tag these "monitor of" inputs to not be "monitor" types so that they show up as an input source in Zoom.

How can I get the output to be an input in Zoom?


In the Zoom share tool, there is a check box for "Share Computer Audio". This works, sort of, it is highly distorted audio which seems overdriven at some level.

  • Thanks, which operating system? It isn't present on my Arch AUR package. – Elijah Lynn Mar 24 at 23:32

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