I was tring to convert an ova file to qcow2 and I found this blog post. I followed instructions and ran these commands:

mkdir /var/lib/libvirt/Appliances
virsh pool-define-as Appliances --type dir \
      --target /var/lib/libvirt/Appliances
virsh pool-start Appliances
virsh pool-autostart Appliances

and after restarting, running virsh pool-list gives me this output:

 Name                 State      Autostart 
 Appliances           active     yes       

but when I run this command:

virt-v2v -i ova nixos-19.09.1594.fbe321e6669-x86_64-linux.ova  -o libvirt -of qcow2 -os Appliances -n default

It gives me this error which I don't have any clue what should I do for it.

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