I am logged in as root user and need to execute a single command from redbox user without switching. For this, I am using following command:

# su - redbox -c 'CMD'.

When I try to execute "ifconfig" (su - redbox -c 'ifconfig'), I get following error:

-bash: ifconfig: command not found

But it works if I switch to redbox first, and then execute "ifconfig" as shown below:

# su - redbox $ ifconfig

Same problem for many more commands. I don't understand what is causing this problem. Please help me figure it out.

I am using Alpine Linux v3.9.4


Thanks to link shared by Jeff, I see the problem now. When I use su - redbox - c 'ifconfig', the value of $PATH is different than when I use su - redbox followed by ifconfig.

Can someone explain why $PATH is different in both cases? Note that in both cases I hove used - which uses login shell.


Read man sudoers. sudo forces its idea of $PATH on the commands it executes.

sudo -u redbox -c $( type -p ifconfig) 

to use your $PATH or

sudo -u redbox /usr/sbin/ifconfig
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    I am not using sudo though. – Niraj Joshi Dec 19 '19 at 6:42

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