There is a way I can remove the rightmost column:

# Preview files on the rightmost column?
# And collapse (shrink) the last column if there is nothing to preview?
set preview_files false
set preview_directories false
set collapse_preview true

But how do I remove the leftmost column which shows the parent directory?

I know that I can use set viewmode=multipane to get single column. But in that case, when I use two tabs, I get two columns for two tabs, in the same screen. I want a screen per tab, but I want each screen to be composed of single column. How do I achieve that?

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You can use the column ratios to hide the left-most column:

set column_ratios 0

In addition to Stephen Kitt's answer you may also want to set the following option in order to remove the small gap on the right side where the collapsed preview pane is:

set padding_right false

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