After an command, where the user should give an output location with -o, I wondered if there is an (standard) command that temporary displays the full name of the given argument, like the -o, that will temporary displayed as: --output (the full name) (instead of the -o). For example; if CTRL (just an example) is keep being pressed; the full name of the argument is displayed. Thus -o will be displayed as --output.

This in order to make sense of arguments of an command, without actually displaying the full name in the command itself. As something that is parsed...


youtube-dl -o

will become (temporary, by holding down CTRL for example)

youtube-dl --output





  • There's no rule at all regarding short and long options correspondence
  • There's no rule regarding the output that should be provided by a --help or --usage

It's quite impossible to implement such a behaviour automatically. Instead, you should implement, for every commands the mapping. Then, with shells such as zsh you probably may implement this behaviour...

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  • I understand that an "full"option display for all commands (wheter internal or via an external application) is difficult to realise. However, do you know of something within Zsh/bash (or whatever shell) that can (somewhat) accomplice this? Or do I just have to manually add this to mapping (and if so; can someone point me in the right direction?) – Thomas Anoniem Dec 16 '19 at 12:11
  • On my debian 10, using zsh if i launch zsh and then type ls -<tab><tab>, zsh outputs the full list of options with short option/long option/option description. May it'es enought to fit your needs ... – binarym Dec 16 '19 at 14:53

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